About us


All of us already belong to the family of God, and all are welcome at Trinity. Membership is not required to participate in our ministries or receive pastoral care. However, by becoming a member formally, you have voice and vote in congregational meetings, and can express to us your commitment to Trinity to be an active part. Your joining allows us to support you more fully and help you stay engaged and grow in faith.

Expectations of Membership:

As a member of Trinity, you affirm that you will:

  • Participate regularly in the life of the church.
  • Commit to growing as a disciple of Jesus.
  • Give intentionally and generously of your material wealth, time, talents, and spiritual gifts.

You are encouraged to speak with Rev. Meredith about your decision to join Trinity Presbyterian Church. She is available to talk with you following any worship service or you can call her during the week at 785.272.2620. The church also offers an Inquirers’ Class to persons interested in becoming members of Trinity Presbyterian Church.