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Planned Giving

Partner with God to Leave a Living, Lasting Legacy

Trinity Presbyterian Church has established the Trinity Endowment Fund as a sound, effective means to provide future financial support to enhance and expand the Church’s mission by providing opportunities for individuals or families to help build the Endowment Fund.

The Trinity Endowment fund is designed to encourage thoughtful, prayerful, and timely consideration of what will happen to our individual assets after our lifetime, and to provide information that will be helpful in planning for this eventuality that each of us must face.

"Give generously to God and do so without a grudging heart;
then because of this the Lord your God
will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to."
--Deuteronomy 15:10

"While we invest our time, talents, and treasures in the here-and-now church, it’s a gift to future generations for our legacy of faith to live on through resources that we give through the Endowment Fund. Join us to ensure that our traditions and our church remain alive for our grandchildren and beyond."

For more information, contact Bob Fincham, the Chair of the Endowment Committee.

Planning Your Gift to Trinity

Explore the many ways to give to the Endowment Fund and help build "A Living Lasting Legacy" Click the Blue Section Header above for more information.


Brochures are available for you in the display case behind the Visitors Center at Trinity. If you would like to see or print a copy now, click the blue heading above.

Stepping Stones to Trinity’s Future and the Trinity Legacy Society

Trinity’s Endowment Committee invites you to give to the Endowment fund by participating in Stepping Stones to Trinity’s Future. Click here for a copy of the Stepping Stones form. Hopefully, this will lead you to join the Trinity Legacy Society. The Legacy Society of Trinity is made up of individuals who have or will designate Trinity as part of their Estate Planning. Click here for a Legacy Society application form.

Endowment Resolution

Established in 1996, the Session of Trinity adopted the Resolution Establishing a Permanent Endowment Fund.

Clicking on the Blue Endowment Resolution will open up a pdf. of the document.

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