The Trinity Endowment Resolution established a permanent endowment fund for Trinity in 1996. The purpose of this fund is to enhance the outreach and mission of Trinity to assist in specific capital or special expenses. Endowment funds are partnerships between donors and the church itself-partnerships based on the idea of mutual stewardship.

Each year, the Endowment Committee will transfer all or a portion of the Endowment Fund’s annual earnings to the Session for its use. The Committee also annually awards scholarships to Trinity’s graduating high school seniors who fulfill the requirements of the criteria and established application process. The Endowment Committee has the authority to invest contingency and other funds not currently needed for expenditures.

The Committee may also use up to $50,000 of Endowment funds, subject to approval of the Session, for the benefit of Trinity. The Trinity Session has approved specific “Investment Guidelines” which provide for social responsibility in investing the endowment funds.

Gifts made through your contributions, wills, and estate planning process extend financial support to the Trinity Endowment Fund. If possible, please consider discussing your gifts with us in advance so we may work with you, and ensure your intentions are honored. For more information about making gifts, please contact the church office (785-272-2620) for the name of the current Endowment committee chairperson, and how your gift will begin making a difference today.

Your financial gifts are placed in the church’s endowment fund, which is a professionally managed portfolio. There is no minimum amount for a gift. All gifts from members and friends of Trinity support and benefit the ministry and mission of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Trinity is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Endowment funds have provided additional support for ministries and special projects beyond the yearly operating budget. Most recently, funds have been used to upgrade and enhance the technology equipment needed to expand digital worship. Scholarship funds recognize high school seniors who have been active in the life of Trinity, as well as support the future generations of Trinity.

We invite you to explore the charitable giving opportunities available to you. Gifts may be made as outright gifts or bequests, or by naming Trinity as a beneficiary of a 401(k) or IRA, a life insurance policy, or a charitable trust.

Thank you for your faithfulness! Know that your generosity empowers Trinity to “Glorify God, Share Christ’s Love, and Make New Disciples.”

Information on this page is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please contact your own tax advisor for information about making any donation to Trinity Presbyterian Church.