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"Glorify God, Share Christ’s Love, Make New Disciples"
Sundays: Sunday School Classes - 9:30AM; Church "Mingle" Time - 10:00 AM; Worship - 10:30 AM
Worship | Trinity Presbyterian Church


Moderator: Reverend Meredith Kemp-Pappan
Clerk: Stan McAdoo
Treasurer: Becky Bollinger
Financial Secretary: Carol Shannahan

Class of 2019

Marvin Burris
Stewardship Chair

David Shriver
Property Chair

Jon Farrell-Higgins
Personnel Chair

Janis Holiwell
Evangelism Chair

Class of 2020

Ann Fincham
Worship Chair

Jenny Lee
Adult CE Chair

Carmen Raines
Visioning Chair

Pat Thomblison
Children's CE Co-Chair

Class of 2021

Jane Williams
Peacemaking Chair

Mike Hampton
Finance Chair

Debra Ricks
Children's CE Co-Chair

Randall Scott
Mission Chair

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